Thermal treatments of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum with the temperature profile required by the customer.


Automatic sandblasting with metallic grit and manual sandblasting with the most suitable type of abrasive for the piece to be treated, for instance river sand, copper lump, quartz and corundum.


Painting according to the customer’s specifications, from simple epoxy primer to very complex painting cycles, which require more layers.


Thermal treatments of any kind of metal according to the customer’s specification


Automatic and manual sandblasting with proper kind of abrasives


Painting according to customer specifications


Space available for customers who need to finish the products with us

Packaging and storage

Covered space with support of overhead cranes to pack the pieces that will be shipped directly after processing

Storage area

Availability of covered space with bridge cranes of various capacities available to customers as a deposit of their material

We will be glad to receive you to visit our facilities.

Furnace capability (Tons)

Years of experience

Length loadable in the furnace (mm)

Length loadable in the automatic sandblaster (mm)